Get a toll free number from Ozetel

Whether your business is small or large, the first thing that you have to focus on is the customer’s services. Despite the advancement and popularity of the social media sites most of the customers still prefer to get in contact with the customer support team through toll-free numbers.

Many organizations are providing the services of toll-free numbers for the business organization. However, none of them is able to meet the standards of Ozetel. The reason behind it is that their services are either costly or not reliable.


Ozetel is the perfect place if you are looking for the 1300 or 1800 numbers for your organization. The best thing about their services is that you can start with $18 per month whether your business is small or large. In order to enhance the customer service feature of your organization, they are providing the best services.


Ozetel has a highly educated and skills team of expert that will ensure that your business presence is increased among the customers. One of the benefits that you will enjoy with Ozetel is that you are allowed to take the toll-free number with your wherever you transfer your business. They are providing the quality services all around Australia.

When you are growing the enterprise Ozetel will provide you the facility to get 15 minutes talk time free every month, as well as the number, is free for your customers. It means that it is the best opportunity to keep your customers engaged and save your time and money.  To make sure that your number is memorable they will customize, your number in such a sense that it will become your business name.


Some of the amazing benefits that you will get with Ozetel are:

  • If you select the 1300 number for your business, your customers will not have to pay a penny If they call from a landline. However, the mobile users might have to pay the amount as determined by their service provider
  • Within an affordable cost, you will get your 1300 numbers
  • Ozetel has special packages that will allow you to select the one that meets the budget of your organization
  • They will provide you with 24/7 services. This means that your toll-free number will never be engaged for your customers

Final Verdict

Ozetel is one of the reliable telecommunication companies in Australia that has been providing quality services to their customers. In competitive prices, the business organizations can get secure connections. Ozetel is providing all types of contact services that you would like to provide to your customers. From numbers to fax and email you will get everything.

The best part is that you will only have to pay for the services that you get. You will get one on one management services. Their mission is to expand your business and become the cause of your success. If you want more information about Ozetel, you can visit their website.